More Art from BlackSad

This is what some person said on Amazon about the Blacksad books.

Believe it or not, there has been a thriving grey market for this book in the USA. Foreign language copies with home-translated scripts in English have been circulating wildly. And now, Blacksad is in English!
It was worth the wait! The artwork is magnificent, and the storyline is worthy of any of the Film Noir classics of the late 1940's and early 1950's.
In an alternative world, where people have animal features, John Blacksad, a black cat detective, investigates the murder of a film starlet...his ex-girlfriend. Along the way, he uncovers the usual trademarks of Film Noir...corruption, betrayal, intrigue, sex, violence...and redemption.
The artwork...well, the book has won major awards in Europe (where books like this sell in the hundreds of thousands, even millions), and the detail is staggering. One can get lost in each and every panel in this book. One panel features Blacksad walking down a tree-shaded street, and the shadows of the leaves are on all of the figures in frame.
There already is a second book in this series (Arctic Nation), and I hope there will be more. This is a classic work of graphic storytelling.
If you're a Film Noir buff, a detective novel junkie, or an anthropomorphics fan, let this black cat cross your path. You won't be sorry!
(Is it just me, or does John Blacksad look a lot like Stacy Keach?)



Piotr said...

Really great style, reminds me of Heinrich Kley's work, with a modern approach. Very inspiring.

Jessica Hickman said...

Thank you for having this gallery. I am a HUGE Blacksad fan and can't wait for more books to come out.

Anonymous said...

The artwork is fantastic as usual, I can't wait to pick up the third book (already have the first two and the sketchbook).

Should consider attending an anthropomorphics convention at some point - I'm sure the creators of this comic would be treated like royalty. In the U.S. most likely Anthrocon would be the best choice, but there's also Eurofurence for those on the other side of the ocean.

Rexus Lunazul said...

wow thanks a lot for this gallery, Blacksad is the best mistery graphic novel involving anthros that I have ever read, highly recomend it to anyone who hasn't read any of the last novels

Anonymous said...

Blacksad un site dédié aux fans de blacksad: bd, parabd, forum et dernières news de cette série déjà mythique.

alicecool said...

i also love its style.i cannot read the content but i appreciate its drawing.

dexter-smith said...

Magnificent drawing and storytelling skills !!

Thijs said...

oh the french are just amazing. this is reminiscent off some of Wendlings beautiful watercolours and linework in her comic series

Anonymous said...

woah. awesome.

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